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500 Words You Should Know (Part 2)



11. Doyen

This is the masculine form; the feminine is doyenne. They are French words for the leader of a group, perhaps of academics; the senior or most distinguished member of a certain body. Thus you might speak of the doyen of the English department, the doyenne of theatrical agents or the doyen of travel documentaries. It’s a respectful term, but don’t be surprised if you hear next year that the person has retired.

12. Dulcet

Pronounced dull-set, but a much prettier word than that suggests: it means sweet-sounding. It’s often used ironically: ‘I thought I recognized your dulcet tones’ needn’t mean much more than, ‘Oh, there you are.’ But it may also be employed sincerely to describe things of greater beauty.

13. Emeritus

From the Latin meaning ‘thoroughly deserved’, this is normally a title given to a semi-retired academic. A professor emeritus is expected neither to teach a full complement of classes nor to continue with administrative duties, but is still called a professor because of long and honourable service. You might, if you were being disrespectful, say it was the scholarly equivalent of being kicked upstairs.

14. Emulate

To imitate in a competitive way, to aim to outstrip or out-achieve: ‘However good a tennis player I become, I am never going to emulate Rodger Federer’ or ‘I would love to emulate her style, but I would look ridiculous in a dress as close-fitting as that.’ Something done in a spirit of emulation is done in an attempt to beat someone else, but with an element of respect mingled with the competitiveness.


15. Encomium

From the Greek for festivity, this is a formal expression of praise: you might utter an encomium on the retirement of someone distinguished or heap encomiums on a particularly good play. The word can be a bit high-flown.

16. Erudite

From the Latin for polished, this means scholarly, learned, well-read. ‘We had a particularly erudite Latin teacher who knew Cicero by heart and could also quote reams of Homer in Greek’, or ‘His explanation of the use of the present perfect continuous tense sounded very erudite, but it was way above my head.’

17. Euphemism

A nice or inoffensive way of saying something potentially unpleasant or embarrassing, such as ‘passed away’ for ‘died’ or ‘smallest room’ for ‘toilet’. The prefix eu-(pronounced ‘you’) means pleasant, and recurs in words such as euphony, a pleasing sound in speech; euphoria, literally ‘a good ability to endure’, hence an exaggerated feeling of joy, and appallingly, eugenics, from the Greek for ‘well born’ and meaning a way of ‘improving’ the quality of the human race by stopping the people you don’t approve of from reproducing. The opposite of a euphemism is a dysphemism, deliberately saying something in an unpleasant or unsympathetic way: ‘kicked the bucket’ or ‘snuffed it’ are dysphemisms for ‘died’.

18. Felicitous

Deriving from the Latin for ‘happy’, this normally applies to a remark and means ‘appropriate, expressed in well-chosen words’. It’s often used in a negative sense: if someone tells you that what you have just said was not entirely felicitous, you can be reasonably confident that you have put your foot in it. Sending someone felicitations – wishing them happiness – on their engagement comes from the same source, as does the rather old fashioned word felicity. (‘When shall we have the felicity of seeing you here again?’)

19. Gregarious

Grex is the Latin for a flock and a gregarious animal is one, like a sheep or cow, that lives in a flock or herd. By extension, a gregarious person is never happier than when surrounded by others, going to parties, meeting new people. Karl Marx thought that this was part of the human condition – ‘The human being is in the most literal sense a political animal, not merely a gregarious animal, but an animal which can be individuate itself only in the midst of society’ – and who am I to argue? From the same room comes egregious, standing out from the crowd, often in a bad way: ‘He’s an egregious example of the jealous – he doesn’t trust her to go anywhere without him’ or ‘if you rely on the spellchecker rather than proofreading your work yourself you will let some egregious errors slip through.’

20. Impeccable

Literally means ‘unable to sin’, this more usually means ‘faultless’ and can apply to anything from your dress sense and demeanour (impeccably turned out, impeccable manners) to your career path (an impeccable track record), your taste (an impeccable choice of music/restaurant/soft furnishings) and your thinking on key issues (impeccable logic). 


21. Indispensable

That which cannot be dispensed with, can’t be done without. A particularly good guidebook might be described as ‘indispensable for (or to) the visitor to Rome; while a good pair of binoculars might be indispensable to the birdwatcher and the United Nations might play an indispensable role in the peace  negotiations.

22. Inimitable

That cannot be imitated, in a class of its own – used very much in an admiring way. This is a forceful word: inimical feelings are not just mildly, indifferently unfriendly, they are positively, actively antagonistic. Inimicable does exist and means the same as inimical, but is rare, so if you do come across it, it may well be being used by mistake.

23. Kudos

This is a word that means suddenly to have come out of its box and be dancing around everywhere, used in expressions such as ‘Kudos to X’ to mean ‘Congratulations to X’, ‘Full marks to X’, as if it were an exclamation. More accurately, kudos means acclaim or prestige: it’s something you earn through hard work, generosity or some other such praiseworthy quality. 

24. Magnanimous

A word beginning magn- (unless it’s related to magnets or magnesium, which means something completely different) is likely to convey size or greatness in one sense or another. To magnify is to make bigger, magnificence is grandeur and magnitude is to do with relative size. The -animous part of magnanimous refers to the soul, so a magnanimous person is big-hearted, generous, and a magnanimous gesture is one that forgives and forgets (either a financial debt or an affront).

25. Mellifluous

Literally ‘flowing with honey’, this is often used to describe the rich tones of an actor known for the beauty of his voice. Oddly, the actor is usually a he: think James Mason or, more recently, Morgan Freeman.

26. Momentous

Very important, of great moment. The cliche use is on this momentous occasion, often as part of a wedding speech or award ceremony. Momentous is not to be confused with momentary, which means lashing only a moment: a momentary lapse of concentration. There is a considerable transatlantic divine in the use of the adverb momentarily: British English says this too means lasting only a moment: ‘The bird landed momentarily on the gatepost but flew off again in a flash’; in America it means in just a moment: I’m nearly ready; I’ll do it momentarily’. This latter usage is drifting inexorably across the Atlantic, but still makes many Brits squirm.


27. Paean

A paean (pronounced pee-an) was in Ancient Greece a song sung in praise or thanks to a god; nowadays it is in any form of extravagant praise, as in ‘The whole review was a paean to the author’s past achievements and didn’t tell me a thing about the new book.’

28. Palatable

The palate – the roof of the mouth – is associated with the sense of taste, so to have a palate for fine food is to be something of a gourment. Food or drink that is palatable, therefore, is easy on the palate, pleasant to the taste buds (most of our 10,000 taste buds are in fact found on the tongue, but there some on the palate and we are in the realms of metaphor here, so let’s not be picky). Be careful how you use this word: to describe a wine as palatable to the host who has just poured it for you is a touch condescending. It’s not only food and drink that can be palatable – you can put forward palatable arguments (ones that are likely to be acceptable to the other person) while a radio station that features popular arias is more palable than one that insists on playing the whole opera.


29. Panegyric

A public speech or piece of writing in praise of a person or thing; it derives from the Greek for all and assembly. In Elizabethan times, a writer might compose a panegyric to his patron when dedicating a book to him. Three centuries later Oscar Wilde, maintaining that it was not a publisher’s role to boast about the quality of the books he published, objected to the idea of a work being accompanied by ‘a premature and unnecessary pangyric from the publisher’.

30. Pellucid

Related to lucid, ‘clear’, with a prefix meaning through, this means ‘shining through, very clear indeed.’ A lake may be described as pellucid, if the water is so clean and still that you can see right to the bottom; so too may a writing style or an argument in which you understand every word.

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100 Beautiful Things You Deserve Forever




100 Beautiful Things You Deserve Forever

Even if you believe you don’t deserve these things, trust me – you do.

1. You deserve to feel grateful that you’re alive and breathing.

2. You deserve to be happy, even on your bad days.

3. You deserve to wake up every morning and smile.

4. You deserve to heal from all the things that keep weighing you down.

5. You deserve to find happiness in the simplest of things.

6. You deserve to be supported no matter what life throws at you.

7. You deserve to be loved for being you.

8. You deserve to be loved unconditionally even when you’re difficult.

9. You deserve to laugh and enjoy life more.

10. You deserve to be like a flower that grows through the dirt.

11. You deserve to be your best self.

12. You deserve to be successful.

13. You deserve to let go of toxic people and situations.

14. You deserve to move forward in life.

15. You deserve to leave friendships that don’t help you grow.

16. You deserve to stay away from people that keep harming your soul.

17. You deserve to be at your best version ever.

18. You deserve to feel beautiful, even when you don’t feel like it.

19. You deserve to be someone who has a smile that never fades.

20. You deserve to be someone who is full of love, light and life.

21. You deserve to be celebrated, even if it’s just by yourself.

22. You deserve to give yourself a break from all the hard work that you do.

23. You deserve to take yourself out on dates.

24. You deserve to treat yourself on the things that make you happy.

25. You deserve to achieve all your goals and dreams.

26. You deserve to be a powerful human being.

27. You deserve to feel strong no matter how weak you feel.

28. You deserve to have a loving and supportive family.

29. You deserve to love yourself.

30. You deserve to see nothing but good in other people.

31. You deserve to be surrounded by light, not darkness.

32. You deserve to look in the mirror and feel proud of what you see.

33. You deserve to feel like you matter.

34. You deserve to overcome all your hardships and problems.

35. You deserve to be someone people can look up to.

36. You deserve to be a good parent.

37. You deserve to have children that will always respect you.

38. You deserve to have a beautiful pregnancy experience.

39. You deserve to marry a faithful spouse.

40. You deserve to be a great supportive wife.

41. You deserve to be a great supportive husband.

42. You deserve to be someone your family can always rely on.

43. You deserve to have everything under control.

44. You deserve to live your life stress free.

45. You deserve to overcome your depression that keeps drowning you.

46. You deserve to overcome your horrible anxiety.

47. You deserve to have blessings fill your life.

48. You deserve to wake up everyday and feel like your life is a happy miracle.

49. You deserve loyalty, royalty and respect.

50. You deserve so much but you don’t understand it.

51. You deserve to sleep in all positions without feeling like your back hurts.

52. You deserve to not have anything constantly worry you.

53. You deserve to think positively at all times.

54. You deserve to be surrounded by positivity in a world full of negativity.

55. You deserve to go shopping whenever you want to go.

56. You deserve to be financially stable enough to buy whatever you want.

57. You deserve to buy all the latest makeup and fashion trends.

58. You deserve to be a girly girl without feeling shameful about it.

59. You deserve to feel like a strong and powerful man.

60. You deserve to have authority over your own life.

61. You deserve to be the CEO of your own life.

62. You deserve to build and live in your own comfortable home.

63. You deserve to live a luxury lifestyle.

64. You deserve amazing health.

65. You deserve to see a medical report which tells you that you’re healthy.

66. You deserve to be a mentally, emotionally and physically healthy person.

67. You deserve to make mistakes and learn from them.

68. You deserve to feel and be told that you matter, no matter what.

69. You deserve to overcome your struggles.

70. You deserve to let go of your fears and be stronger than them.

71. You deserve to prove your haters wrong.

72. You deserve to succeed through all the problems.

73. You deserve to enjoy the little things.

74. You deserve all the fine things in life.

75. You deserve to ask God for forgiveness.

76. You deserve to sleep peacefully.

77. You deserve to have a healthy timetable.

78. You deserve to have a consistent sleeping pattern.

79. You deserve to get enough sleep to conquer the next day with great energy.

80. You deserve to be in good spirits at all times.

81. You deserve to have friends that bring joy into your life.

82. You deserve to go on adventures where you can make special memories.

83. You deserve to have escape vacations and come back feeling refreshed.

84. You deserve to travel around the world and gain rich experiences.

85. You deserve to be a better person than you ever were before.

86. You deserve to get out of your comfort zone and live life fully.

87. You deserve to become more smarter and intelligent.

88. You deserve to live a very very very long and prosperous life.

89. You deserve to cry, but only out of happiness.

90. You deserve to receive warm hugs that make you feel safe.

91. You deserve to feel safe in such a dangerous world.

92. You deserve to heal from all the bad things you have been through in life.

93. You deserve to see the light where you keep seeing darkness.

94. You deserve to make reality so much better than your dreams.

95. You deserve to know that your past doesn’t define you.

96. You deserve to be looked after and cared for on your weakest days.

97. You deserve to speak your emotions without feeling guilty about it.

98. You deserve to have a voice without feeling small.

99. You deserve to constantly have something great to look forward to.

100. You deserve a life that excites you and makes you want to actually live.


What other things do you deserve that you can add to this list? Please leave a comment below, I would love to know your thoughts 🙂

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Hey everyone my website is under construction. I’m working on new blog posts and better landing pages. Also I’m working on the navigation of my website as some links are broken. Please bear with me while I try to maintain a better quality of my site. In the meantime, you can still browse through the existing content. Thank You for your understanding and patience In advance!


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100 Deep Quotes And Sayings About Depression That Everyone Should Know (Part 7)




69. Depression is anger turned inward.


70. What do you want to do with your life, then? is often the question I'm asked. To be honest, I don't know. I really don't.


71. The sun stopped shining for me is all.

72. Do you know that feeling? When everything you do seems like a struggle. Where you dont wanna leave the house because you know everyone is judging you. Where you cant even ask for directions in fear that they criticise you. Where everyone always seems to be picking out your flaws. That feeling where you feel so damn sick for no reason. Do you know that feeling where you look in the mirror and completely hate what you see. When you grab handfuls and handfuls of fat and just want to cut it all off. That feeling when you see other beautiful girls and just wish you looked like them.


73. What people never understand is that depression isn't about the outside; it's about the inside. Something inside me is wrong. Sure, there are things in my life that make me feel alone, but nothing makes me feel more isolated and terrified than my own voice inside my head.


74. No reason to feel depressed about being depressed. A depression can be a golden opportunity to collect the pieces and build ourselves anew.

75. Isolation and loneliness are central causes of depression and despair.


76. Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.


77. Pain is always emotional. Fear and depression keep constant company with chronic hurting.

78. I never knew it was possible to be so miserable in so many ways.

79. I wanted a heaven. And I grew up striving for that world -- an eternal world- that would wash away my temporary misery.


81. If you take action while you are made, you will always make the wrong decision.

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