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10 Useful Ways To Deal With Your Stressful Times



If you read my previous post, you will know that I have discussed 10 things you might be experiencing due to stress.  (Click here to read if you haven’t done so already). So now, in this post I will continue from my last one and talk about 10 useful ways in which I deal with my stress. I hope you find them useful too.

1) Meditation/Yoga

When my stress gets overwhelming I like to attempt meditation/yoga practices. Doing so makes me feel still, in the moment, and puts my mind at ease. It is a peaceful experience which distracts me from all the stressful thoughts that occur inside my head. It’s just nice to detach from everything for a while and focus on mindfulness, developing tranquility. Sometimes I even play peaceful meditation type of music (such as the one in the YouTube video presented below) in the background while I do this sort of activity. It really helps me stay clearly focused on what I’m doing which is the main goal here. Honestly, I hope to one day maintain this habit every single day for the rest of my life. I feel like people shouldn’t be doing meditation/yoga only in times of stress, but they should involve it as part of their daily routine because it gives you that special boost of energy that you need to go about your day. 

2) Eat healthy/have a healthy diet

Over the years (ever since my mid teen years) I have come to realize that eating healthy isn’t just about eating fruits and vegetables (although that is part of a healthy diet), but it is mostly about maintaining a good balance of all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs in order to fully function properly. For me, eating healthy has really proven to help with maintaining my stress levels. I started cutting down on sugar, reducing my calorie intake when it comes to certain foods (such as cookies, fries, pizza) and replacing it with foods that are high in iron, selenium and protein (such as leafy green vegetables, brazil nuts and greek yogurt) – all these types of foods alone have generally made me feel better about myself. When I eat sugary/packet foods, I tend to get headaches and heart palpitations which actually make my stress worse than it already is. But making little changes such as replacing cookies with oat biscuits that are high in fibre, have made such a big impact on my health. 

However, above all, it is crucial to drink lots and lots and lots of water. I always carry a 1 litre water bottle with me to make sure that I am not missing out on staying fully hydrated. Sometimes, I even refill it up to 3/4 times. I can’t get enough of water, it helps to give me that feeling of being awake and feeling fresh inside. I think that drinking a lot of water as oppose to resorting to fizzy drinks and caffeine can have a huge impact on stress, because it can keep your mind feeling refreshed. And after all the human body is made up of 70% water, so keep it close to you as much as possible.

3) Journal/write it down

So when my moods are all over the place (whenever I feel stressed out, down, anxious or negative) and I don’t want to explain myself or be around anyone, I like to journal and write my feelings and emotions down into my notebook or just a piece of paper. I find this to be very useful for me because it feels like my pen and paper are my actual best friends that actually listen to my feelings. I know it’s weird but believe me this helps – it is far better than being in a state of feeling terrible and not doing anything about it because it gives you something to do. Journalling/writing things down is a good distraction as it helps you let out all your stress in ways you didn’t know was possible. It definitely has me feeling more calm. Here’s an example of a page from my journal:

4) Improve sleep routine

A big sign of stress is a poor sleeping pattern, so what I like to do to keep my stress levels under control, is to sleep earlier than I typically do (which is usually after 1am). I won’t lie, I don’t have the most perfect and consistent sleeping pattern in the world, but I have my good days days (when I actually feel under control) where I naturally fall asleep just before 12am and then wake up nice and early (around 9am) feeling refreshed and positive. I plan on working on improving my sleep routine to get my daily 7-8 hours of sleep, by sleeping and waking up around the same time every day. By doing this I think it would have such a significant improvement on stress making me feel like I have my life under control. I really think everybody should work towards this goal. Without good sleep, we are barely living.

5) Be social; engage with friends/family

Instead of constantly being isolated, I think it’s good to sometimes be social and just generally be around people to distract yourself from your daily stressful thinking habits. Take some time out and engage with someone else other than your own thoughts. As for my case,  I try to be social by being   around my family when I can, even if I’m just present, sitting in the same living room as them. I like to strike random conversations with my siblings too so that in itself can be refreshing because it makes me feel less lonely,  like I actually have a family/ life to participate in, and not just stressful situations to deal/occupy my mind with.

6) Take breaks from social media

I never knew that one of the things that would trigger my stress levels is my need to keep up to date with social media apps until one day I realized that I was waking up every single day to focus on what others are doing instead of thinking about myself. I would take literally hours and hours scrolling through people’s lifestyles on apps like instagram and pinterest which would end up stressing me out so much bloody more because I was too focused on what I was missing out on. I can’t believe I used to do that. But now thankfully, I’m at a stage in my life where on most days I spend less time (or even none)  being the way I used to. I actually prioritize time for myself (okay…maybe not always, but more than I ever did before). I take breaks from my phone and take time to be productive in a way that would help me build myself out of the stressful mess. This is definitely not easy to maintain, but it’s worth it. Sometimes you have to cut out all the social media bullsh*t and put all the focus on you.

7) Get plenty of rest

When I get to the point of exhaustion and restlessness, I can usually tell by picking up the signs that my body tries to give me (usually through a headache, fast heart rate or feeling zoned out). I never dismiss these signs, so I accept them and give myself some time out to put my feet up and rest. I also try to take regular breaks from tasks that I work on and I avoid doing everything in one attempt. This helps me feel like I’m dealing with smaller and easy to handle tasks and so makes me feel less stressed out.

8) Believe in yourself

Who says you will be stressed out for the rest of your life? Who says you can’t overcome your stress? Who is going to stop you? Well, the answer is… you. Only you can control what happens to you. So now is the time to believe in yourself. If you can build an “I can and I will” mindset then you will truly be unstoppable.  I have started to do this more often and it has made a big difference in my life. Instead of focusing on the problems/negative side, I try to focus on solutions and think positively. Remember, what you think, you become. Know that nothing or no one can keep you away from thriving and succeeding in your dreams, goals and ambitions. Only you have the power of the outcomes of your life. Speak good things to yourself and never doubt yourself, ever.

9) Exercise

I think one of the ultimate, best ways to deal with stress is daily exercise (moving your body and sweating it all out). Generally, exercise is supposed to help you lose weight, but for me that’s not the only goal. My main goal when it comes to exercise is to feel good about myself, knowing that I’m taking full control of my health in minimising things like heart disease, cholesterol and maintaining a good mental health (including stress levels). I feel that daily exercise (I go on my treadmill machine) is so powerful in the sense that it transforms and improves my moods and helps me relax better.

10) Do something you enjoy

When I’m feeling low energy or just not in the mood to do anything I like to do something that I enjoy such as going to a shopping centre or even just window shopping. This instantly gives me more energy as it is something that I’m not forced to do, I like doing it and it makes me happier. It’s just fun and it really helps me stay distracted from stressing out.  If you’re feeling stressed out I recommend you to put your energy and focus on something you enjoy and makes you happy. 

So now you have reached to the end of this blog post, I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Have you tried any of the tips? What do you do when you’re stressed out? Do you have any useful tips to share with the world? Leave your comments down below 🙂 Thank you in advance, have a nice day 🙂

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90+ Life Changing Affirmations To Follow (Part 2)




black and green butterfly on leaf

Welcome to part 2 of the affirmations series. In this blog you will find the remaining 5 sections which have been continued from part 1 (if you haven’t read part 1, click here.)


Section 6: Affirmations for becoming a better you.

I have the courage to cross oceans and burn bridges; I trust that I am exactly where I need to be at this point in my life; In every situation I am the only who gets to control my attitude towards it; Where I am and where I will be is determined by my own actions and not my circumstances; I believe in taking actions to make my dreams come true; I refuse to accept anyone else’s idea of what’s possible for me; I can create a better me because I control my actions; I would rather aim high and fall short than to aim low and fall short; I set my goals high and I always do something higher every day to move forward; I always have faith, hope and belief because I know that anything is possible and miracles happen everyday.


Section 7: Affirmations for inner peace.

I am going to stop overthinking about everything; I learn to be confident and happy in my own skin; Nothing can destroy my inner peace; I let go of the things I can’t control; I forgive everyone for everything they have done to me but that doesn’t mean I’m weak; carrying hatred in my heart is a waste of my energy; I believe in my potential and I can do anything; Taking regular breaks comes naturally to me; I do not mix well with chaos or drama and nor do I ever want to; My nature is peaceful and calm, I’m not a noisy person; I approach things with a calm mind and try my best.


Section 8: Affirmations to improve memory.

I am able to remember information quickly; My mind is always clear; I am always finding new ways to improve my memory; I take walks to refresh my mind and memory; I love taking care of my memory; I tend to remember things precisely; Remember things easily comes natural to me; I have the ability to improve my memory as much as I want; My memory is sharp because I remember and notice all the small details; I like playing memory games and engaging in memory boosting activities.


Section 9: Affirmations to boost immune system.

I am a healthy and strong person; My immune system is indestructible; My body can bounce back from any injury; With passing time, my immune system improves; I can recover from any health condition; My mind and body are in perfect harmony; I nourish my mind and body with healthy foods and activities that are good for my immune system; My overall health is always improving, every second; I am becoming someone with everlasting good health; My health is my number one priority; my health, is my ultimate wealth.


Section 10: Affirmations for creativity.

I am a creative person and I love to be creative; I have a very active imagination; I enjoy coming up with new ideas and thoughts; I never run out of creativity; I am always inspired by other artists; My own creativity makes me an individual artist; Creative ideas flow out of my mind naturally and effortlessly; When I feel creative, I feel empowered; My creativity represents a great part of who I am; I find joy in unleashing my creative side.

Thank you for reading this post. Do you have any affirmations you’d like to add? If so then feel free to leave a comment below.


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90+ Life Changing Affirmations To Follow (Part 1)




close up of leaf

In this blog I have created over 90 affirmations in the form of graphics which have been categorized in to 10 different sections which can apply to different aspects of your life. Enjoy.

Section 1: Affirmations For Spiritual Self Care.

(I spend my time outside in nature to find more peace and clarity within myself; I look up to things that inspire my inner creativity; I make the time to meditate in a safe and peaceful environment to focus and take my mind off things; I prioritize prayer in my schedule to fill the spiritual void within me and to feel complete; I make the effort to reflect and evaluate where I am now and how I can improve on where I want to be in the future;  I give space for all the things that give meaning to my life and base my existence around those things; I try my best to ensure that my morals and values are in harmony with my actions; I dedicate my time pray because I believe that  without God, nothing could be possible for me; I believe in the power of miracles and I believe that amazing things happen after going through darkness).


Section 2: Affirmations For Building New Habits

(With every new habit that I form, I get more things done; I get rid of my bad habits and replace them with good ones; All of my habits provide a way for me to achieve my goals and dreams; new habits are liking having new exciting ideas; I always look for ways to build productive habits; I don’t care about my past habits, all I care about is my present habits; I do what it takes to build good habits that last me for as long as I live; every habit either takes me one step closer to my dream life or one step further back-it is entirely up to my own actions; I understand that will either make or break my future; My habits determine who I am as a person).


Section 3: Affirmations for personal self care

(I take the time throughout my day to do things that I truly enjoy doing; I keep up with myself to make sure that I am always at my best; I prioritize eating all my meals on time, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and working out everyday; Just as much as I give importance to other responsibilities, I also give equal importance towards my self care routine because I matter and I am important too; I plan my self care routine all the time and make it as realistic as possible to make sure that I actually stick to it and not neglect it; I have every right to set boundaries for myself-this means that I can tell others “no” to say “yes” to myself; My acts of self care are habits that will last for a lifetime because I deserve to live a good quality life, feeling just as good too).


Section 4: Affirmations to boost feelings of happiness

(I will only spend time with people who uplift my mood and make me happier; My mind consists of stimulating conversations and positive self-talk; I always find reasons to laugh and be excited; I only participate in anything that makes me happier; I will always make time for my happiness; I will open up to someone that I can fully trust and have the best conversations with them that will cause happiness; I will plan trips, adventures and vacations and make them a reality because they are what make me happy; I will never bottle up or hide my sad/negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. I will always express them to somebody that I love/trust to feel happier; I do things that are comforting to me and make me feel good; My health is my priority because that is what my happiness depends on).


Section 5: Affirmations to boost productivity

(I work on my skills because I want to always perform my best; I do not take on any extra or unnecessary responsibility that has nothing to do with my future or dreams; I only focus on work that is rewarding to me and makes me happy to do it; I only do work that gives me a sense of inner satisfaction and enjoyment; The space and environment around me is always safe, clean and comfortable which always pushes me to be as productive as I can; I take regular breaks to ensure that I don’t get burned out or feel exhausted from working too hard; I am always willing to learn new things that will expand my current knowledge and encourage me to think outside of the box; I avoid distractions and only make time for whatever boosts my productivity levels).


Thank you for reading part 1 of this affirmations blog post. Click here to read part 2.

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100 Life Changing Affirmations To Manifest Long Lasting Success




100 Life Changing Affirmations To Manifest For Long Lasting Success!

Secure your success with the following 100 affirmations: 

1. I am a successful person.

2. Every day of my life I only become more successful.

3. Every move I make is a success.

4. Small or big, I celebrate all of my successes.

5. The world doesn’t need to know about all of my successes, it’s enough just for me to know.

6. Success is something that happens to me naturally.

7. My success is not temporary; my success is permanent.

8. I do not compare my success to anyone else’s success.

9. I breathe in success and breathe out failure.

10. For every failure that I encounter, more successful events happen for me.

11. I am in it to win it for the long haul.

12. Nobody can take away from me what I work hard for.

13. Success is my middle name.

14. I will never hold on to my failures because they only taught me a valuable lesson.

15. I choose to be successful in every second that I breathe.

16. I don’t make time for anything that does not contribute towards my success.

17. I am not turned down or intimidated by other people’s success stories.

18. I take full ownership and responsibility of my own success story.

19. Every step that I take is a step towards success and even more success.

20. I live and love to be successful.

21. I am empowered and inspired by other successful people on the planet.

22. All of my daily habits are connected to my successful life.

23. My life revolves around success.

24. Happiness and peace are the most important parts of success for me and I embrace them fully.

25. Nobody or nothing can stop me from being successful, not even if they tried.

26. My level of success is so powerful and big that it cannot ever be broken down.

27. I create my own success every day without delay. I make no excuses.

28. My only option is success, success, success.

29. I am successful in everything that I do and that includes my life goals, dreams and ambitions.

30. I never waste my time on distractions because otherwise it will cost me my success.

31. I never give up because success is always waiting for me.

32. It’s easy to be motivated because my purpose is to be successful for a living.

33. My success will last for a lifetime, for as long as I am alive on this earth.

34. I have enough success to pass on to my future generation.

35. Success is never easy to achieve but is always worth it.

36. All of my struggles lead me to success.

37. There is nothing that I can’t do to become successful.

38. I maintain my success with such ease because that’s how I work.

39. I was born to live like a true success.

40. All of my successes are achieved due to my pure hard work through sweat, blood and tears.

41. I truly deserve to be successful.

42. I am happy to be successful and I am happier to be working on becoming more successful.

43. Success is my favourite word of the dictionary.

44. I am successful and filthy rich.

45. Even during my most helpless and difficult times, I always knew that I was going to be successful.

46. I always bounce back from failure.

47. I trust that all of my decisions and actions lead me towards great success.

48. I am the main contributor towards my success, and so is God.

49. My success includes my financial goals, health goals, spiritual goals, mental health goals, relationship goals, life goals, everything goals. 

50. I am always feeding my mind with knowledge and wisdom.

51. My heart is a success and is free from health problems.

52. I learn quickly from my mistakes which always allows me to become more successful quickly.

53. I don’t wish nothing but success for everyone around me.

54. I’m too busy working on my own successes to notice what everyone else is doing with theirs.

55. Success looks good on me; it makes me glow from the inside and out.

56. I believe in myself and my ability to do anything.

57. I have what it takes to achieve big things and make it happen.

58. I never doubt my unstoppable nature to make success happen.

59. Everything that happens to me happens for my highest good and I trust that.

60. I am surrounded by motivation and successful people.

61. All of my ideas are winners.

62. I never underestimate how far I can go.

63. I always look up and ahead; never back.

64. I ward off all distractions and stay focused on where I’m heading.

65. My vision is just all about success.

66. Nobody is jealous or envious of my success because I’m not jealous or envious of theirs.

67. I believe that there is enough success to go around for everyone if they work for it; anybody can become successful and that includes me too.

68. Success is too easy for me to achieve.

69. I built my success from nothing and that is what keeps me going.

70. My bank balance is always flowing with money.

71. I am successful within my finances.

72. My energy is far too great and unstoppable to achieve everything that I want.

73. I don’t believe in the word ‘unsuccessful’ – I only believe in the word ‘successful’.

74. Every year of my life is successful and that motivates me to keep working towards my success for every new year of my life.

75. Even if I’m not successful, I always know that I am.

76. I have many ways and ideas to become successful.

77. I eliminate everything from my life that is not associated with success.

78. I am always content with each and every successful thing that happens to me.

79. I am always in a calm state of mind when it comes to working on something successful.

80. I love what I do and I’m happy doing it and that is why I am so successful. 

81. Anyone who thinks that they can destroy my success can never succeed in doing that because I am powerfully and unbreakably successful.

82. I take risks to become successful and that is why I continue to succeed.

83. I am fearless and that is why I’m successful.

84. I always take a lot of action which is why I always succeed.

85. I don’t know anything about failure except for the fact that it always makes me better.

86. I value my time because my time makes my success expensive.

87. I am a solid person who only attracts success and happiness in to my life.

88. I have faith in my journey and I trust that everything will work out successfully.

89. Every aspect of my life is successful; I am successful in every area of my life.

90. Negativity and criticism or bad opinions from others never affects me; I only focus on the positive vibes of life.

91. I make success happen even with my eyes closed, when I’m asleep.

92. I am always learning, growing, improving, elevating and succeeding.

93. Success flows within my blood; success is in my DNA.

94. I am the boss of my own life and I take charge of everything.

95. I only give permission to other successful people near me.

96. Money loves me, wants me, needs me and supports me.

97. The universe wants me to stay successful forever.

98. My thinking is big, I can’t think small. Big thoughts favour me and make me successful.

99. I’m filled with endless high energy which always enables me to get what I want.

100. When I want to make something happen, it happens – just like that.

Thank you for reading my affirmations. If you have anything to add, leave a comment below. 

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