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An Insight To Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself



An insight to becoming a better version of yourself…

As Harvey Fierstein said, “Accepts no one definition of your life, but define yourself.”

When tough situations happen in life, it seems like a disaster, but considering it just like the bumps of the road of life, it converts the living into the way you desire. No one is your enemy in achieving your goals except you, yourself and your own soul. By defeating this worst enemy of yours, you can live life as you wish. If can win the competition by remaining consistent, then there is not even a mouse that will beat you.

If failure makes your life doubtful for your being, then what should you have to do? Should you feel defeated and withdraw from others? Surely you can’t be this way. You think your defeat blurred your future, but you are wrong. 

As Morihei Ueshiba Quotes, “Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.”

Failure is actually a part of life and the way to success, it doesn’t signal that your world is on its end. Just love yourself and consider failure as a small shock to life that taught you a lot. Overcome this entire situation with love and patience and become the best version of yourself.

Can you honestly say that you love yourself? No, you can’t because every one of us dwells and focus on insecurities instead of happiness and things we achieve in our lives. 

Start ignoring what others think about and begin your journey to self-love where you feel comfortable being yourself. Self-love is the way that leads to increment in your self-confidence, self-worth, and positivity about your being.

Do you love yourself as you love your closest? Your answer might be yes, but it is the wrong answer because you are kind to them and forgive them when they commit a mistake, right? What about yourself, when you make a mistake do you forgive yourself? No, at least you remember this mistake for two days and keep yourself awake. Forgive yourself, be positive and optimistic.  

Consider yourself the most important person in the whole universe. You have gone through your life’s ups and downs. No one can know your life better than you do. You just have to understand the reality of life positively and then see how pleasant the experience can be. It’s all about perspective. When you begin to love yourself, start focusing on yourself instead of others, then everything happening in your life will be more straightforward and understandable. The less you love yourself, the more you will be frustrated with reality, and life starts to get harder and harder. 

You can love yourself by taking care of your body and soul. Body’s love can be completed by sleeping properly, eating healthy food and regular exercise. Souls can be perfected by giving yourself the time that heals your spirituality problems. Think about yourself and give thanks to God for your existence. You were put in this world to make a great difference. You exist for a beautiful purpose. Open your eyes and see that. 

Finally, self love is also about knowing when to be gentle. For instance, you should stop throwing negative energy vibes by judging and labelling other people, especially if you do not know them. On one side, you are hurting them, but at the same time, you are harming your soul too. So be positive and do not increase the burden of negative vibes that are already present in the atmosphere.  

Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below if you have your own insight to this topic. Thanks in advance.

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The Reason Why You Should Avoid Bisphenol A (BPA) In Plastics




What Is Bisphenol A (BPA)?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic chemical compound which has been produced in the US. It cannot be found in nature. 

BPA is typically used to produce particular types of plastic that are necessary for the creation of all sorts of products such as water bottles and food containers. The problem with BPA is that unfortunately people are under risk of being exposed to the little amounts of BPA that has been transmitted from those products in food and water, which is obviously harmful.

I am going to explain this in further detail now…

BPA effects on health

The exposure of BPA is toxic, not only to humans, but to animals too. We have to be extra cautious of the products we buy, ensuring that they are ‘BPA free’. The reason why is because the possibility of BPA coming in to contact with the action of estrogen (linked with the ability to reproduce and have children) becomes interrupted.

Many case studies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “chemical action plan” have focused on such effects and have confirmed BPA as a call for concern. From the release of such confirmation, many food companies and bottle manufacturers decided to change to BPA-free products to ensure the safety of their customers’ health and well being.

Not only that, but it has also been founded that BPA levels in humans had a close link with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

BPA exposure on humans

The exposure of BPA mainly comes from having food and beverages. A survey which was carried by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated urine samples of different people, and have found that in more than 90% of the people that took part in the survey, BPA was detected in their urine. Surprisingly, most were children. This is because the levels of BPA go higher when baby bottles are heated. 

Protection against BPA damage

The concern for BPA present in many products is becoming a growing concern for much of the public and scientists are continuously debating about the safety of BPA. In the mean time, while all this is happening, it is recommended that we should replace all our products with BPA-free ones instead. Be careful about the sort of plastic related products you have around your home. Water bottles are a common example; don’t re-use plastic bottles unless they are BPA free.

Be cautious and aware; do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones from BPA damage.

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4 Truthful Reasons Why Quotes Are Valuable




Why are quotes good, and how can they change your life?

At some point, we have all come across things and situations which have forced us to change our attitude. It’s those moments that are a clear indication that we need some motivation because it’s common to be discouraged and frustrated, so we need maximum potential and energy at that phase of our life.

The strength required to achieve your goals and objectives defines you at that time. You can read some motivational quotes and books to gain energy to get through those tough points in your life.  

Some people (especially me)  like reading motivational quotes because they get inspiration and motivation through concise sentences that are easy to remember. Reading such sentences is like eating a slice of delicious cake or a piece of chocolate.

Fans of motivational quotes feel like retaining energy while reading such quotes. They are open to learning, open to things, and open to change the things which are no longer inspirational. Motivational quotes are also a great reinforcement tool.   

Following are 4 reasons that I will explain why quotes are good in your life:

1. Appeals your subconscious mind 

Being creative in each aspect of life is linked with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a significant part of your brain, which is captured and appealed towards through reading  motivational quotes.

These quotes can change the thinking process you get, and help you discover the hidden energies. Selecting the right path and redirecting all the energies with a positive mind is the outcome of these quotes. 

Motivational quotes also uplift the overall personality, character, and outlook.


2. Offers you a positive mindset

Ideas and creation are directly linked to your mindset. A small and limited mindset can never think out of the box. Therefore, reading motivational quotes can change your life and inspire you to be larger than life itself. 

The passion and energy required to be successful in life are attached to a positive mindset. So the strategies which are defined while being in a critical situation are based on your thinking and mindset.


3. Helps you define your priorities

There are many quotes that I have read which have taught me one great lesson: This world is full of materialistic things. We should not run for these things as they will never truly be ours. 

I believe that your priorities matter the most in your life. It’s a foolish idea to chase things that are not that important in your life.

The real victory is hidden behind defining the real priorities, which create a huge impact on your life. The richness in your character, values, heart, soul and the right strategies for achieving your goals should be your top priority.

When you put yourself first in your priority list, you will automatically be able to get access to whatever you want in life including the materialistic things. In other words, you will be able to live a much more fuller and happier life. You will have a life full of balance and order, and that’s how it should be. Life shouldn’t just be about owning and possessing things. 


4. Motivates you to follow the right path

Of course, a person is made up of their actions. And I believe that  reading the right motivational quotes will inspire you to act upon the quote, and it will become a part of your actions.

For example, something which emphasizes you to become more financially stable and save money will make you want to save more money.

Quotes are powerful, and I would be lying if I said they have never helped me. Most people would turn around and say “quotes are nonsense” but I just believe that they are not on the right mindset. With the correct mindset and attitude, if you utilise quotes in your daily life, you can literally change your whole life around. Believe me.

And finally, despite everything,  I would like to add my favourite quote which is:

What do you think about quotes? Do you read them often? Let me know in the comments… thanks in advance.

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The Absolute Way To Detox Your Body For Long Lasting Health




Let’s think…

Why is it that today, people are more motivated to look after their cars than their own health? Can you imagine what would happen if people unsystematically fuelled their car with petrol, diesel, kerosene, sugar and salt altogether? Well, sadly, that’s how most people eat today. And what if they failed to keep up with the motor oil and filters? It’s obvious, the fuel would just not burn effectively and it would produce a toxic smell. The good news, however,  is that all of this doesn’t need to happen as long as the car is being looked after in the way that it needs everyday. The same applies for the human body too!

What do you think the most common diseases of today are? Well it’s quite obvious: cancer and diabetes. These two are caused by the gradual gathering of toxins and acid wastes inside the body. In fact, most conditions such as arthritis only occur because people have carelessly fed their body with unhealthy foods/drinks. As these toxic foods get into different tissues of the body they gradually infect and damage the important functions such as organs, glands and joints of the human body. Therefore, these toxic conditions can be argued to be caused by the self. Yes, that’s right – if you’re ill, it’s your fault. As harsh as that sounds, it’s a fact, and the only way to clear out the toxicity out of your body is by detoxification. And guess who can do that? Only you. The same person who let it happen in the first place. But don’t panic, it can be done…

Detox your body for the ultimate best…

If you want to heal your body and live a healthy life, then it is an absolute must to detox your body and flush out the toxins to the best of your ability so that you can go back to feeling your best again. Let all the toxic waste be cleared out and let nothing interrupt your organs and functions from working properly. Start cleaning up your act now…

One way to detox your body is by having a renewed perspective about life: “you are what you eat”. You can start by totally transforming your eating habits. This doesn’t have to be done over night, but you can begin by making  small healthy changes which will then hopefully turn in to long-term habits, as long as you are committed and determined.

The worst mistake that most people make is that they would rather opt for the “quick cure” by turning to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery and leave it at that. Only few will follow up those procedures by getting rid of the root cause of the problem by clearing up the internal environment of the body to restore to its natural and healthy state. Not many people will put the effort into undoing the toxic damage done to all the organs to get it back to the body’s healthy balance, but if you’re reading this, then it proves to me that you can totally avoid all of this. You just have to act now.

So that means, if you want to benefit from good health, you must take all the necessary steps and actions to heal. That means stop eating junk food, stop drinking, and basically just stop taking in anything that will trigger your body into fatal illness. Sometimes, mental health can play an important role so look after that too. Simply put, stop using your body and mind as a trash for all the toxic waste that you put inside it. Start adopting a healthier lifestyle. Be more active and find creative ways to enjoy an active lifestyle and healthy food. There’s so many nutritious recipes out there that will fill you up and give you energy. There’s so many activities that you can take part in that will get your heartbeat moving. And there’s so many brain activities that you can do that will keep your mental balance flowing nicely. It’s just a matter of an “I can and I will do it!” attitude. If many others have recovered and found their way back to good health, then there’s no reason as to why you can’t too.

The reality of cancer treatment…

Although common, cancer is such a heart breaking news to receive from your doctor. Today cancer affects one in every four people. Sadly most people think that cancer patients will be treated exceptionally well and they believe that their doctors will ensure their full recovery, but this is nonsense. You may think that once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you should just fully rely and wait on your doctor to give you instructions on how to deal with it through every step of the way – but you should not do this.

The reality of medicine is that they have access to the best cancer therapy but they will not give you access to it because it is considered to be one of the most profitable branches of the medical industry. 

It is important to note that if a doctor reveals a cure to cancer to a patient, then the doctor could be imprisoned. Today, apparently it’s politically wrong for doctors to reveal the real cancer causes and cures since the profits are threatened by the truth. How stupid right?

Hence, I’m telling you now… if you know someone who has cancer, or if you have cancer yourself, then start taking serious action towards healing. If it has been detected early enough then you are considered lucky, because it can definitely be treated and cured by detoxification. All you have to do is act now. You can approach cancer by fasting, detox diet therapy and other methods (do some extra background research) instead of resorting to the typical treatment such as chemotherapy and surgery.

With proper care and looking after yourself, you can heal. It is possible to heal and it is never too late to heal. Remember that the quicker you take action, the quicker you will heal! JUST HEAL. Healing is what contributes to a healthy and long lasting health, don’t you think?

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